Car rental is one of the latest services on the market of the capital.

Car rental is one of the latest services that emerged on the market of the capital of Ukraine. As in other countries, it has become especially popular in touristic cities. This service is popular among tourists and guests of the city, locals, and even foreigners. It is trending is due to its affordable terms. You can find the details on the website

How to rent a car in Kyiv?

Car rental can be arranged directly on the relevant company website. The service is available 24/7, which suits both tourists and Kyiv dwellers, who were suddenly left without their car due to its break or damage.

The user gets broad opportunities. One can choose a car either by a brand and a modern model up to own taste or considering the needs (suburban trip, urban usage). The company assortment includes sedans of different brands like BMW, Mercedes or Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and off-road vehicles like Toyota Prado, Nissan Pathfinder, Honda CRV, Mercedes-Benz G class, minivans (Volkswagen Caravelle, Mercedes-Benz Viano) and electric cars like Nissan Leaf, differing in the amount of horsepower, gearbox type, level of fuel consumption, and other characteristics.

Cooperation safety is achieved by signing an agreement between the parties. To do this, the client needs to present a set of documents, including a passport and a driver’s license. A legal person needs to provide a document confirming the relevant status.

Rental prices vary. They depend on several factors: the contract duration, the car type, available discounts and some others.

Who and when rents a car?

Rent a car attracts different people preferring to be independent of public transport. Typically, transport companies' customers are car enthusiasts with medium and higher incomes. The service allows to save money, drive a fancy brand and model. All cars in the park are insured. The company is responsible for maintenance completion in time, car service, and repairs. The client only needs to keep the car clean and take care of filling the tank with gasoline and diesel before its returning.

Tourists belong to the second category of rental fans. Arriving in the Kyiv for one or several days or week, they optimize their time by having a reliable car at their disposal. Corporate clients rent business class, budget and middle categories cars for daily tasks and to emphasize their status and reliability.

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