8973295680 Fuel injectors

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Mover Parts Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 8973295680 MV1-81 for Isuzu 3LD1 3LD2 4LE1 3LB1 4LB1 Engines
Shutoff Solenoid Valve 8973295680 897329-5680 MV1-81||For Isuzu 3LD1 3LD2 4LE1 3LB1 4LB1 Engines

KEYOPO Fuel Shutoff Shutdown Solenoid 897329-5680 MV1-18 8973295680 for Hitachi Ex40U Ex55, Ex58 Zx40U Zx50U Isuzu 4LE1 4LE2 3LD1 3LD2 4LE1 3LB1Engine
Model Number: Fuel Diesel Shut Off Solenoid 897329-5680, MV1-18,8973295680 Work for Hitachi Ex40U, Ex55,Ex58, Zx40U, Zx50U for Isuzu 4LE1, 4LE2 Engin||Part Number: 897329-5680, MV1-18,8973295680||ISO/OEM/ODM/CE||Versatile, small, responsive, light and durable.||1 year warranty.

Solenoid fuel Shutoff New Voltage: 12V Terminals: 3 Replaces: MV1-81, 8973295680 Application: Isuzu 3LD1, 3LD2, 4LE1, 3LB1, 4LB1, 4LE2 Engines
shut down solenoid

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