0258104002 Fuel injectors

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FidgetFidget Sensor Practical 0258104002 Oxygen Fits for Boiler Lambda Sen Mercedes T1 TN Y10

Qotone For Bosch Air Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor 0258104002 0258104005 0258104007 Car Oxygen Sensor
Oxygen sensors are mounted on the engine exhaust||Stainless steel housing and double protection layer, submersible to seal tight, durable service for a long life||The fast-acting heater increases sensor performance||Improve the purification rate, improve the engine performance||Processing technology is excellent, good accessory material selection, resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistance, increase the life span

Qotone For Boiler Lambda Sen Mercedes Air Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor 0258104002 0258104005 025810400 Car Oxygen Sensor
Automotive oxygen sensors are key feedback sensors in EFI engine control systems||Manufactured to detect the amount of exhaust gas air fuel ratio||Constructed from durable material, features zirconia solid electrolyte||Oxygen sensors are mounted on the engine exhaust||It can control the emissions of automobile exhaust, the pollution of the environment and improve the quality of automotive engine fuel combustion

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