Buy 150071-7600 ZEXEL 0 000 000 000 BOSCH NOZZLE BODY

Information nozzle body

BOSCH 0 000 000 000 0000000000
ZEXEL 150071-7600 1500717600

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Strong Waterproof Household Cement Plugging Glue, Universal Decorative Plugging Glue, 50ml (50ml)
Auvem The universal cement trap glue will not crack over time, and is high-strength waterproof. || It can provide a reliable seal around areas that are easy to contact with water, and the setting speed is very fast! || Strong binding. Use our glue and applicator together. Very suitable for home decoration, repairs and crafts. || Designed for fixing and sealing cement, wall joints, cracks, pipe breaks, toilet repairs, tile breaks, etc.! || Multi-purpose. The adhesive can be used for indoor and outdoor repair surfaces.

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Household Disposable Shoe Cover Shoe Membrane,Floor Guard Starter Kit Disposable Hygienic Boot Covers with Dispenser for Home, Medical Facility, Shop (Pink)
beenimed This shoe cover dispenser works on a mechanical spring, and when you stand up to the center of the dispenser, it automatically releases a stolen bag around the shoe. The automatic shoe cover machine will quickly and effectively cover the shoe cover || No need to connect battery and power cord, safe and environmentally friendly. No need to bend down to save time. Great design for elderly, fat and lazy people. || It is made of ABS material, with thick spring, non-slip bottom and stable hook, which greatly improves the durability and stability. This durable shoe cover dispenser will last for many years. || Keep the floor tidy. Using this disposable shoe cover machine can greatly protect the floor and carpet without cleaning the floor. The best way for visitors to cover their shoes. || Suitable for various types of shoes, used in various shoe changing places such as homes, offices, supermarkets, factories, hospitals, etc.

Cross reference number

Zexel num Bosch num Firm num Firm Name
150071-7600  0 000 000 000      NOZZLE BODY

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150071-7600  0 000 000 000    NOZZLE BODY
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